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If you're interested in racing in the UK then you need to be a member of an MSA sanction club, such as the SMRC. For information on how you can become a member of the SMRC please visit the membership pages.

Practically anyone can go racing although if you want to race competitively at club events such as SMRC events you will need to register for the ARDS course.

The ARDS National B test includes the following:

  • Welcome introduction
  • Tuition video
  • Briefing - what to expect at your first race, safety issues and the ARDS course details
  • Written tests
  • A 30 minute circuit driving evaluation
  • De-brief

This test is available to sit at Knockhill Racing Circuit so please contact them for more details.

 You can read the following document titled

SMRC New Drivers Notes 2017.

Register Online - Step by Step Instructions

1. Open this link:

2. If you have already registered as a driver, go to step 3. If not, you need to register as a driver. Click on “Register” and then “Register as Driver”. To complete the registration, you will need the following information to complete part of the form:

·SMRC member’s number

·MSA Licence number

·Transponder Number (If you don’t have one yet, just enter 0)

3. After completing the driver registration, you will receive an email to the address provided from Heather Brunton titled “Driver System Registration”. This will contain your account name and password.

4. Once you have your email and password, go again to and log-in to your account. This will bring up the “Dashboard” in your “Profile”

5. From the “Dashboard” you can then select a Championship to register yourself for and asked which car you wish to enter (this information should be there from when you completed your registration).

6. You will then receive two emails from Heather titled eg. “2016 Scottish Saloons & Sports - Registration Pending” and “2016 Scottish Saloons & Sports  - Registration Accepted”.

7. Once you have the “Accepted” email” log-in again to and the option to enter an event should now be in your “Dashboard” which should then in turn give you an option to pay online.

8. Please make a note of your payment reference and keep it in a safe place.